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Our method is unique and we are proud to offer our customers a meaningful experience. We strive to understand your needs and discuss options from processing to packaging to build the best program to suit your individual goals. Our partnership with our customers means the world to us; therefore, you can feel confident that we will deliver the best extractions each and every time.
What is the different stages and storing Live Rosin?
Visually, this product’s first stage of rosin will have a golden, honey-colored sappy consistency (which is the most desired and preferred consistency) with the proper cold storage. When in the cold, it will be hard, almost like a “shatter” type consistency. This is what is preferred by a knowledgeable consumer. Live rosin will change and morph into a more crumble-wax type of consistency, sometimes wet and badder-like when it is warmed up, and not stored in the cold. While this stage of the product is not un-desirable, the consumer prefers and enjoys purchasing the product when at the first stage and controlling when the transition from shatter to wax happens while in their possession. To allow the consumer to have optimum enjoyment, please store within these guidelines: 1. Store around 45 degrees for proper storage. 2. Transport/store below 65 degrees, for no longer than 6 hours if needed. 3. Any storage above 75 degrees for longer than 6 hours, the product will most likely achieved the final stage of the wax consistency.
Who Makes Feeling Frosty?
Originating from Colorado, Feeling Frosty relocated to California in 2016 and made their debut in the California concentrate sector November 2018.
Where do you source your material?
Existing farms include Humboldt Legacy Organics, Valley Grove, Str8Organics, Cookies California, Tar Hill, Golden State Banana, Synergy Cannabis, Clout King Canna, 3rd Gen Family, and Big Al’s Exotics.
What products do you make?
The only product currently available for purchase is Live Hash Rosin. In the near future Feeling Frosty will produce Live Resin Sauce and Bubble Hash.
What is rosin and why would you suggest a consumer to try it?
Rosin is the cleanest, purest, most raw form of cannabis concentrate. In our opinion, it is the best naturally derived concentrate and takes a lot of time, love, and cleanliness to create. We follow a strict quality control process to ensure the final product is the highest quality. Live Rosin Ingredients = plant + water + ice + heat + pressure
How do you distinguish quality?
Live Rosin quality is defined by the finished products color, smell, flavor, and if it passed all necessary lab testing.
What is the difference between chill, freeze and frost?
There are three levels of product; chill (full spectrum), freeze (70u/120u), and frost (90u). The difference between the products is that each number represents how small or large the sizing is on those particular screens, or microns (unit of measurement is u.) Each strain and genetic can perform differently under each bag and bring out different flavor notes and effects. Chill - second and third washes mixed together - all micron screens including 45u - 149u. Is a little darker than the first pull because it is the second and third wash. Chill is lower quality than the Freeze and Frost, full spectrum rosin. Freeze - 70u/120u mixed together - 1st pull - hand whipped - different from Frost because the 120u head carries more terpenes and the 70u carries more amber colored and sedative effects. Frost - 90u - purest form of Live Rosin - 1st pull - hand whipped - lightest in color and almost white. Cleanest and brightest resin.

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