Which Do you Prefer?

Cold-Water Hash

This ancient technique of ice water cannabis extraction has been around for centuries. The method is refined by the Feeling Frosty team by using lab quality ice and water; we separate the THC resin heads from the material into one of the purest forms of extract. Also known as “solventless hash oil.”

Live Resin

This hydrocarbon extraction method is a blend of THC-a crystalline, combined with liquid terpenes extracted by industry professionals. All terpenes are derived from only cannabis using a slow cure and state of the art lab equipment to create the most flavor possible.

Hash Rosin

We begin with the highest quality cold-water hash for this procedure. Heat and pressure are used on solvent-less trichome heads to refine them into a shatter, batter-like, or saucy consistency. Different methods of filtration are used to deliver the consumer a flavorful clean way to ingest the trichome head, without any plant residue left over.


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