Feeling Frosty believes that using fresh frozen cannabis achieves the pinnacle of cannabis concentrate. As a company, Feeling Frosty aims to push the top tier level of terpene alchemy in order to produce the best live resins available. We specialize in hydrocarbon extraction as well as ice water extraction for complete full spectrum separation. Both methods have proven to aid in high medicinal benefits such as nausea, anxiety, chronic pain treatment, and are also used for fun and recreational purposes.
THE frosty way
By choosing Feeling Frosty you are feeling the terpenes that will enlighten and enrich your cannabis concentrate experience. Feeling Frosty believes that fresh frozen cannabis extraction is the purest starting material. Carefully crafted with much attention to detail, we strive to work hand in hand with the top cultivars of California’s cannabis industry to bring the best resins to your taste buds.  

Fresh Frozen Terpenes

Feeling Frosty only extracts oil from fresh frozen cannabis flower. When fresh freezing terpenes, its life is suspended to a cryogenic state to retain optimal flavor, pungent smell, and high potency that could be lost from the drying process. Frosty provides precise instructions and standard operating procedures to the farms to work hand in hand to harvest with care at the proper time for certain extraction methods.

Organic Cultivation

The farms that work together with Feeling Frosty ensure that their pesticide free buds are clipped and harvested with care during the optimal time frame, using time-proven methods, genetics, and soil medium for that desirable flavor with medical efficacy and reliable dosing.

Superior Concentrates

Feeling Frosty offers clean and consistent concentrate products developed with highi concentrates. Frosty uses an award winning technique to produce a clean, kosher certified terpene rich extract.

Variety of product

Feeling Frosty invests time in selecting the best plants throughout all of California, from the rolling hills of Humboldt to the farm lands of Central Valley. Including Sonoma county, the place we are proud to call our home base.

Certified Kosher

Real is how we make our products. We are true to our values and all can enjoy our high standards with confidence.

Need to feel frosty?